Wednesday, January 8, 2014

#IResolveToGain & My Radio Debut!

Recently I discovered the Hashtag Feminism through Twitter. You should totally check them out. They're discussing feminist activism through the hashtag. They were gracious enough to post a piece I wrote about the onslaught of dieting and weight loss ads that are aimed at women every New Year's. You can check out my piece here: "This New Year's #IResolveToGain Rather Than Lose".

Lo and behold the wonderful folks over at Feminist Magazine in California discovered my hastags and blog piece. They liked what they saw and invited me to guest speak on their radio show. Their focus for that hour was Feminist New Year's Resolutions so mine fit perfectly in the mix. It was my first time talking on the radio but I think I did pretty well. However, this New Year #IResolveToGain more public speaking skills so I can include less "um's" when I'm speaking. LOL Luckily, the live broadcast was recorded for your listening pleasure.  I start talking around minute 3.

It was a lot of fun and #IResolveToGain more opportunities like that to spread a message of positive body image and self-esteem.

What will you resolve to gain this year? I hope it's something that will make you happy that's not related to your weight or appearance.

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