Saturday, October 11, 2014

Grrrl With Boys Photography: Sharing My View Of The World With You

My first camera circa 1980's.

When I was in middle school my mom gave me my first camera. It was a purple and yellow "Le Clic" 110 camera like the image above and it was the best thing ever. I grew up in the country so there was plenty of beauty around me to capture. I mostly took landscapes and pictures of my dog Kisses. I grew to love photography and even won a few blue ribbons at the county fair. I went to college to study photography but then fell in love with Women's Studies and switched my major. I still love to take pictures and have even done weddings and a few family and senior photo shoots. While I still love a beautiful landscape image to hang on my wall, I have really grown to love doing photo shoots for friends and family.

Recently I created my very own photography Etsy Shop so I can share with you the beauty in the world that I come across. Feel free to peruse the images I have for sale and share with your friends. I take requests for individual, family, engagement, and senior photo shoots. Email me at for details. Click the image below to visit my shop.

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